As of 1/2/2020, patient submitted Tick arthropod testing will no longer be offered by Imugen. If you would like to arrange for a tick to be tested please contact your healthcare provider. Ticks can be submitted to Quest Diagnostics directly by your physician for testing.

Caution should be used in evaluating the clinical significance of the results of tick testing. Although the test accurately identifies the presence or absence of B. burgdorferi and/or B. microti DNA within the tick, whether or not transmission of the organism(s) to the person has occurred cannot be determined. If B. burgdorferi and/or B. microti DNA has not been detected within the tick, the person could have been exposed to additional ticks of which the infection status is unknown. Please contact your healthcare provider to discuss testing options.

If you have any questions, please contact Imugen at 1-800-246-8436.