Victor P. Berardi

GENERAL MANAGER, Imugen, formerly Chief of Virology at the Massachusetts State Laboratory Institute, Department of Public Health. Victor has pioneered in the development of antibody capture EIA’s, OspA-free testing for Lyme disease and Lyme vaccine exposure, and the use of recombinant antigens and PCR in the diagnosis of HGE. He is past Chairman, Clinical Virology, Northeast Association for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, and is widely published in the area of laboratory diagnosis of all of the tick-borne diseases.

Patricia Devine, M.D.

LABORATORY MEDICAL DIRECTOR, who is board certified in anatomic and clinical pathology and in medical microbiology by the American Board of Pathology. She completed a fellowship in blood bank/ transfusion medicine. Patricia is a practicing physician. She is active in national pathology and laboratory professional organizations and has published in laboratory medical journals. She has also served as an assistant and associate director at Imugen for over ten years.

Philip J. Molloy, M.D.

MEDICAL DIRECTOR, private practice rheumatologist for 27 years in a highly endemic area for Lyme disease, babesiosis, and anaplasmosis. Dr. Molloy is the co-author of many publications on the serologic and immunologic characterization of Lyme arthritis patients. Dr Molloy has been awarded a Laboratory Director Certificate of Qualification (CQ) from the state of New York for tick-borne infectious disease testing. He is actively involved in research on the correlation of clinical features and laboratory findings in patients with various manifestations and stages of Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections. Dr. Molloy is the principle investigator for an FDA approved IND to develop and validate a blood testing strategy to screen for B. microti infection in blood donors.

Mary Ellen Hewins, Karen Weeks

LABORATORY MANAGERS, have devoted the past 20 years to specialized serologic and molecular diagnostic test development for tick-borne infections, and serve as Corporate Vice Presidents of Imugen. They have pioneered in the development of capture EIA’s, Western Blot tests, OspA-free test reagents, recombinant HGA test antigens, and PCR, and have published on test refinements for tick-borne diseases in peer reviewed journals.

Imugen Publications

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