Vector-Borne Disease Testing

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IMUGEN, Inc. is a clinical laboratory located in Norwood, MA with over 20 years of experience in the development and performance of specialized testing of clinical specimens for tick-borne diseases.

Accurate diagnosis of tick-borne infections may often be perplexing due to complex clinical presentations and limitations of commonly available commercial test kits. Complications may be severe if there is a misdiagnosis. Understanding these infections requires clinical experience and excellent laboratory support.

For the past 20 years, IMUGEN has worked closely with leading clinicians and clinical researchers to develop unique specialized assays which provide reliable laboratory diagnosis of tick-borne diseases. Our numerous publications support the clinical validity and sensitivity of our test procedures. In the complicated environment of current laboratory testing, IMUGEN has been consistently chosen to provide primary and reference serologic testing for hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and physicians in the most endemic regions of the Northeast.

IMUGEN's goal is to provide testing that truly services the needs of the clinicians without encouraging over utilization of tick-borne disease testing.

Due to expanding and unmet needs in the areas of blood-borne infections, IMUGEN continues to expand its laboratory services to encompass this specialty area. Our expertise in developing appropriate and clinically useful methodologies will continue to provide reliable answers to complex diagnostic questions.

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